Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

Frostige Bescherung - WIP Part 1

Hey Folks, its about time for a new projekt!

This time it gets realy frosty, so take out your umbrella!
It will be my first attempt to model a winter-scenic diorama. We will see, what happens ;)

First of all, i choose my Parts - iam tending right now, but it could like this:

The Vehicles are clear by now, but iam just thinking about the figures. Sure by now is:

Dragon SD.Kfz. 164 Hornisse
Trumpeter Soviet Armored Aerosan NKL 26
Dragon German Ski Troop
Dragon German Self-Propelled Gun Crew.
Friul Winterkette PrIII / IV

Iam thinking about a stationed Hornisse, who´s getting reeinforcements with some fuel und some ammunition by a captures Aerosan. All of this beneath a russian wood-house. My first line-up. The grey Hull is the Hornisse, the Styropor should be the Aerosan and the box symbolices the house.

This is my progress so far:

Keep up, Updates are comming soon!

Samstag, 24. November 2012

Roter Stern am Horizont - Final pictures

Hey Followers.

It is done! My fourth Diorama is finaly finished. I took me almost 3 Month - but worth it.

Its called "Roter Stern am Horizont" - "red star on the horizon". Its featuring a Cyberhobby Stug III AusfB, a Gulaschkanone and a lot of Wehrmachtguys, marching onto the front. Next to the path is a shoot down Toga T70.
As i have to mention every time: "For me its not important to get every decal and detail 100% right - its just for my glass-cabinet in my workingroom"

Here are the used parts:

-Cyberhobby Stug III Ausf. B
-Toga T-70
-Eduard etchpartset for T-70 Lighttank
-Armorscale 45mm 20K Obr.32
-Tamiya Gulaschkanone (the real old classic, bought for 3 euro on a show)
-2x Dragon Wehrmacht Infantry (Barbarossa 1941)
-German Anit-Tank Team (2 Figurs)
-an old Tamiya Offizierfigur
-Verlinden 061 Fuel Barrels (1 Fass)
-Verlinden 987 German Machinegunners WWII (1 Figur)
-Verlinden 1421 German WWII MG34 Machinegun Set (1 Mg)
-Verlinden 1312 German WWII Soldiers Equipment (various parts)
-some stuff from my box

Take a look on the WIP-Parts for more information about the building-process and the used materials.

Have fun with the pictures and keep following my blog, the next updates are incoming!

Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Marching East - WIP Part 11

The Time went by, and i got a lot of progress to mention.
First of all, the Base is almost finished. A little bit of pigment-works here and there, some streakings, some slime&grime and some leaves.

The Figures are almost finished, here and there some details, some pigments and finaly the weapons.

The Vehicles are also as good as finished. The streaking is completed and yesterday is startet with the Pigments and mud-work.
Note: This is not the final result. There is a whole lot more work to do.
I think the final pictures will be here soon!