Montag, 2. September 2013

Frühlingserwachen 1945 - WIP Part 1

Good Morning dear readers

The last project is finished and its about time to start the next one.

This time i move to the year of 1945 into the very last days of WW2. Some desperate defenders are retreating into the Harz Forest.
I always wanted to create one of the last Kingtigers who were built in april 1945.
As second vehicle i´m planing to use an Sdkfz 251/22 - this is also a example of the desperate try to get some tank-like vehicles against the overwhelming enemies.

This was my original setup - but finaly i only took the Tiger II and the 251.

For me this time it was important to build an historical correct Tiger II in his last variant. For this i hade to do quite a couple of changings:

Aaaaaaaaand now the final state before painting (okay, i have to admit, that i already have changed 2 minor things ;) )

stay tuned for comming updates!