Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Der rote Drache - WIP Part 1

Hey Readers!

Its about time to get an Update, iam sorry about the few news the last weeks.
But i have alot of pictures for this one!

I startet to plan a new diorama since my last one is done.
This time i wantet to create a small village in france with a neat canal-scenerie.

The first thought i got about it, that this small village could be Strassbourg. Its about 1 hour cardrive from my location and i also have been there for several times. So - why not?

I took some photos from google and startet with stryopor to build a first prototyp of my Diorama.

This looked like this:

Out of this i made a creapy painting in paint - hurt me please!

i know, i know - my Paint skills are simply amazing ;)

But according to this i startet to choose "what am i going to build vehicles" which could be fit in the aimed date. It could be one of these in my collection:

I than choosed a Aufklärungspanzer 38t as my first vehicle and started building it. I planed to build it straight out of the box, only with some special-parts from an old Eduard-Etchset which i got realy cheap. Unfortunatly this is supposed to be used on another producer. That means most of the parts dont fit. I just show you some pictures of the build and dont comment them (most of you, wont even read it ;) )

I than startet with my second vehicle. For this is choose the very uncommon Jagdpanzer IV A-0. Only a handful of them were build and most of them were used as training-vehicles. But this is no problem for me ;)
This was also my first attempt of using Zimmerit on a vehicle. I choose to use car-polyester-putty. The apartment smelled of it. But in the end i was quite pleased with the result - especialy for the first time. I will also just show you the pictures of the build.

Both vehicle are fare from finished, there are a lot of detailes to be completed. As you can see on the last picture, i also startet with the base. The most time went on creating the buildings. I will again show you the pictures on the process. But remember, everything is Work-in-Progress and will need some more weeks work.

Okay, thats it for now - please feel free to come back and follow the steps! I also appreciate every comment and critics!

See you on the next Update (and i hope this will be a little earlier ;) )