Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Frostige Bescherung - Final pictures

Hey dear readers!

My 5. Diorama is finaly done after 10 weeks.
Its called "Frostige Bescherung" - "Frosty Gift Giving".
This time i took hold on a snowy theme. (my first time ;) )
The Mainvehicle is a Dragon Hornisse, the early version of the Naßhorn. This motorized assault-gun is stationized beneath a little blockhouse and is getting few supplys by a captures Aerosan NKL-26.
The scene is located in december 1943 on the eastern front.

Here are the used parts:

-Dragon Sd.Kfz. 164 "Hornisse"
-Friulmodel Winterkette
-Trumpeter Aerosan NKL-26
-Dragon German Self-Propelled Gun Crew
-Dragon German Ski Troop (2 Figur´s)
-Dragon German Elite Infantry (1 Figur)
-some various parts from my deposit

 Feel free to have a look on the associated Work-in-Progress Pictures about the building-process and the used materials.

Have fun with the pictures and keep following my blog, the next updates are incoming!

Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Frostige Bescherung - WIP Part 4

A little more progress before the big showdown ;) Not so much more to get finished.
I finished the sanding of the base and startet painting. Everything was painted black, to get more depth. After that, everything got his first white-paint. Also the little blockhouse got his coat of dark-brown.
Finaly after painting i glued coat for coat of micro-balloons on it. Absolutly worth it, looks like snow. But now its totaly dust on my workplace ;-)

The final pictures will ne published soon, so stay close!