Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Frostige Bescherung - WIP Part 3

I got some more progress to mention. I finished the wintercamouflage for the hornisse. I used Pelikan Plaka-Color and "Deckweiss" - sorry i dont know this kind of color in english. We normaly use this with watercolor. Looks a little bit like toothpaste.
I simply diluted both colors with water and applied it with a brush.
Finaly i secured all of it with a coat of Matt-varnish. Over this i started with streaking products from AK-Interactive - this is still in progress.

I also managed to start with the base. This is simple styropor with plaster of paris over it. After drying i sanded it smooth and glued some shoveled snow, also made of plaster beneath it. Next ist painting-time. At the end, i will glue some small glass-snow on it to gave it a snowy look

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Frostige Bescherung - WIP Part 2

Okay, you better sit down and hold you tight! Its time for a BIG Update this time. I got some free time over christmas and Newyear and finished a lot - by the Way, Happp 2013 to everybody there outside!

I finishes the building of the Nashorn and also of the Aerosan. I even managed to almost finish the little house i was planing. Also the glueing of some figures startet. Unforunatly there is not much update for the Diorama itself, but iam thinking about how to proceed with it.

Here are the pictures

 See you on the next update!