Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Frostige Bescherung - WIP Part 3

I got some more progress to mention. I finished the wintercamouflage for the hornisse. I used Pelikan Plaka-Color and "Deckweiss" - sorry i dont know this kind of color in english. We normaly use this with watercolor. Looks a little bit like toothpaste.
I simply diluted both colors with water and applied it with a brush.
Finaly i secured all of it with a coat of Matt-varnish. Over this i started with streaking products from AK-Interactive - this is still in progress.

I also managed to start with the base. This is simple styropor with plaster of paris over it. After drying i sanded it smooth and glued some shoveled snow, also made of plaster beneath it. Next ist painting-time. At the end, i will glue some small glass-snow on it to gave it a snowy look

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