Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

Sherman III DV

Good Morning!

Here is a project I started severel weeks ago and is published in the actual Scale Military Modeller International. Its the new Dragon #6573 Sherman III DV in 1:35.

I decided to build the whole tank direct from the box without adding or changing any parts. In the forehand I already heard of various things, that aren’t correct on it. Missing holes on the boogies, wrong positioned weld-lines (some are even missing completely), missing joint on the 3-part gearbox, missing bolting’s between the gearbox and the hull, and much more, to only name some.

I ignored most of it and started building it straight from the manual. I only added the 4 drill holes on the boogies. Everything went like an typical Dragon kit. Everything fits where it should. I only had some troubles with fixing the fenders on the front hull. The only thing I added was the chain in front of the vehicle.
Its painted with Tamiya Acrylics, AK Interactive Stuff and Pigments from my local Arts Dealer.

Have fun with the pictures!

See you on the next update. But this could take some days - Right now I´m moving into a new house.