Montag, 19. Mai 2014

"What if 1947" Part 3 - WIP

Here we are for another update.
Everything is packed right now and I almost cant find a time for modelling.
But you know, everything goes step by step and sometimes an eternity ;)

Here are the other pictures of the e100 and in the end the "finished" unpainted tank. It only took MONTHS to complete it :D

And here are the final pictures of the finished built - let the paint come :D But I still don´t know how to paint it; I will think about it later. The next step is to build the diorama. Keep up for the step by step for the diorama!

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

"What If 1947" Part 2 - WIP

Hello and welcome back!

You are right - its time for another update. This time I´ll show you some more details on my actual project. I decided to go into the -What-if-47 Warfare scenery a little; this time especialy into building the E-100

I had a REALLY old Dragon E-100 in my stash, but I wasn´t happy with the Maus-Turret on top of it. So it had to be changed. Fortunatly one guy from my modelling-forum had an Trumpeter E-100 turret in spare, which I was able to get.
And I dont wanted to stop by changing only the turret - my plan was to create a whole new tank. You will see what I did in the future updates.

A lot more have happend - but more on the next update; I promise ;)