Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

"What If 1947" Part 2 - WIP

Hello and welcome back!

You are right - its time for another update. This time I´ll show you some more details on my actual project. I decided to go into the -What-if-47 Warfare scenery a little; this time especialy into building the E-100

I had a REALLY old Dragon E-100 in my stash, but I wasn´t happy with the Maus-Turret on top of it. So it had to be changed. Fortunatly one guy from my modelling-forum had an Trumpeter E-100 turret in spare, which I was able to get.
And I dont wanted to stop by changing only the turret - my plan was to create a whole new tank. You will see what I did in the future updates.

A lot more have happend - but more on the next update; I promise ;)


  1. Kolosaaaaal ! a good idea to create a new paper panzer. It looks very nice and I wait the painting with a great attention.
    Have a lot of fun to paint this "big cat" Michael.

  2. To be honest, I still dont have an exact idea of how to paint it :D We will see