Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Modelling Basement and New Project "What If 1947"

Hey Guys

Some time went by since my last update and its time to start something new!

First of all I would like to give you a quick sneak peak into my new modelling basement. There is a WHOLE room just for modelling and photos. Can you believe it? A dream came true for me. Finally enough room for my coming projects and my wife now finally got rid of all the dirt in the living-room :D

It all started in a empty room, around 16m² of unused space. The walls are around 2,2m high.
Everything started with a concept. I wanted to have 3 different tables and enough room for my stuff.

I now did some changes that are not included in the pictures, but those are mainly changes in the setup. E.g. I sorted all my spareparts in those boxes and I also added some reflecting visors to the photo-booth.

Btw, I´m now really pleased with the new setup for my pictures. All my coming projects will now be in HIGH DEFINITION! Yay :D

Here is an example of an old diorama which I first shoot on my old equipment and now to compare with my new stuff. Quite a different, right?

I also decided to start something new. This time I will go to a what-if-theme in 1947 inlcuding one of my old shelf-queens which I wanted to build for a really long time. The old Dragon E-100.

I will not go to deep into this, but keep up for some updates in the near future. (remember, now in HD ;) )

This is how it starts:

See you on the next update!


  1. Very nice place to modeling. Great dio too and a lot of projects to do, I will follow them with a great interest.

  2. Well, that sounds cool to hear! A basement is sort of a perfect place to do your work, especially if you’re an artist. In there, nobody will disturb you because it’s your personal space. I usually work in ours and when I do, I would put a mad-faced sign on the door to tell everyone that I’m busy. It’s really effective. Haha!

    Steven Silverman

  3. Finally, a new working room for you! I know it can be really frustrating to move your tools and materials to and fro when doing a project. So having your own working room is really more convenient, and can help you save time when doing projects. Thanks for sharing!

    Julian Walters @ Blake’s Waterproofing