Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Marching East - WIP Part 3

I got some new parts for my Dio. This is a etch-parts kit for my T70 and a Resin-Mantlet with a machined barrel. I will take care on this later.

I also completed the horses on the Fieldkitchen, It will be later detailed.
The Stug3b vom Dragon were also startet to build. I only have pictures from Monday, because the actual state from yesterday is, that the tracks are already mounted and the Fender are also ready to assemble.
I think the building will ne finished this week.

But everything needs more detailing, but i will do this, as soon as every vehicle is build in general.

The Baseground is also constructet. It measures 31x36cm (this is the maximal diameter, that fits in my IKEA Glas-cabinet.
I am still not shure about the model placing. I will have a closer look on this, when the vehicles are finished.

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