Samstag, 24. November 2012

Roter Stern am Horizont - Final pictures

Hey Followers.

It is done! My fourth Diorama is finaly finished. I took me almost 3 Month - but worth it.

Its called "Roter Stern am Horizont" - "red star on the horizon". Its featuring a Cyberhobby Stug III AusfB, a Gulaschkanone and a lot of Wehrmachtguys, marching onto the front. Next to the path is a shoot down Toga T70.
As i have to mention every time: "For me its not important to get every decal and detail 100% right - its just for my glass-cabinet in my workingroom"

Here are the used parts:

-Cyberhobby Stug III Ausf. B
-Toga T-70
-Eduard etchpartset for T-70 Lighttank
-Armorscale 45mm 20K Obr.32
-Tamiya Gulaschkanone (the real old classic, bought for 3 euro on a show)
-2x Dragon Wehrmacht Infantry (Barbarossa 1941)
-German Anit-Tank Team (2 Figurs)
-an old Tamiya Offizierfigur
-Verlinden 061 Fuel Barrels (1 Fass)
-Verlinden 987 German Machinegunners WWII (1 Figur)
-Verlinden 1421 German WWII MG34 Machinegun Set (1 Mg)
-Verlinden 1312 German WWII Soldiers Equipment (various parts)
-some stuff from my box

Take a look on the WIP-Parts for more information about the building-process and the used materials.

Have fun with the pictures and keep following my blog, the next updates are incoming!

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