Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Der rote Drache - WIP Part 2

Welcome back!
It time for an update again! Thank you for your patience!
It happend a lot since the last new from me.
Unfortunatly the vehicle does have the same status as the last update, but i did take BIG Steps in Dio itself.
No - it not paintet yet - but the building-phase will soon be done!
Here are just some things i did:

-i build the roof for both buildings - the first one is made from halves of cable end sleeves and the other one is simply cut from cardboard
-i fettled the buildings with plaster and cleaned everything after it.
-i made the Windows from scratch and also added shutters
-the plaster-builds are finished and scratched the whole surface to its final look
-i builded a little pier
-i did various detail-work on the whole base. The building will soon be finished and i will start to paint it.

Now i will just show you a lot of pictures - just that you get a little hint what happend!
And remember - this is not the final look -> there is a lot Work-in-Progress!

See you on the next Update!

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