Freitag, 22. November 2013

Frühlingserwachen - Final pictures

Hello fellow readers!

Its finaly done - i´m proud to be able to present to you the final pictures of my latest projekt.
This is now seventh diorama at all - and this time i went into the forest theme.

The whole scenery is located in april 1945 - in the last days of war. Scattered units of the sPzAbt 3/510 are gathering for the last defence in the harzer forest. The crew of the Panzer VI Tiger II Ausf. B and the SdKfz 251/22 Ausf. D Pakwagen discuss the situation and the next steps.

What kind of kits did i use?

-Dragon 6232 Kingtiger Late Production - changed to "Last production"
-Friul ATL-42 Transporttracks-Aber Jagdtiger Etchparts-Dragon 6248 SdKfz 251/22 Pakwagen -The figures were included with the Kingtiger and some were made with various parts from my stash-Crates and Stuff are also from my stash.

The Kingtiger have been modified to represent a last production kind of type - its almost historical correct. I decided to give a "otcopus-camouflage" style. The 251 is directly out of the box, only some minor parts have been editted. I also tried to create an late-war stripe color. 
Everything have been painted and weathered with Tamiya & AK-Interaktive.

The diorama is 100% scratch, only made from styrofoam, Molto woodfiller, various strips of wood and branches of Asparagus Setaceus. Oh yeah, and of course a lot of paint & pigments ;-)

It took me around 4 months and 300 +/- workhours.

I hope you like the pictures. I´m honestly thank you for visiting this blog. Feel free to leave a comment. Have fun with the pictures! See you on the next project!


  1. Hi,
    I just take a look at your blog and I am very impressed with your work.
    I like a lot.
    I stay tuned
    and I put your blog address on my own
    what brand are the pines?

    a +

  2. Hi Jean!

    Thank you for your comment! I also like your own blog - awesome skills!

    The pines are made by myself. The logs for the fir trees were made of wooden staffs which were sharpened on one end and painted in brown. . For the branches I ordered a bunch of “Asparagus setaceus” from my local flower shop. They are normally used to decorate flower arrangements. When you are planning to order them also watch out – there are several versions available out there. Some of them are a little finer and some a little thicker.
    The branches had been separated and cut into various sized triangular pieces. The logs were prepared by drilling in various holes for the twigs.
    The bigger ones were then glued in on the base by going smaller and smaller the higher I went. As you can see, the color is real light green. I decided to seal everything with hairspray again and paintbrush it with a dark green. To add some tone variation I went on a more light green on the top and a more withered brownish yellow on the base.

  3. Omg, this is beautiful. One of the best dioramas I've EVER seen (I've senn a lot, trust me). Are you from Germany?

  4. Brilliant!
    Id love to see the reference pictures from where you got that late war halftrack camo from :)