Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf.D DAK

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Its 2014 and I´m moving into my new home right now. So here is something to fill the gap in between my next project.
This is the actual Dragon Pz IV Ausf D in 1:35. I got it for a review from the british Scale Military Modeller International, where you´ll find the full article and the review. Here are the first pictures.

More will come soon!


  1. Beautiful start take you here, we continue to follow this project!!!

  2. tell me what effect it from a liquid to a tile?

  3. This is the hairspray that got applied before I painted it in desert yellow. And this liquid is just water.
    You can google for "Hairspray technique"