Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2015

"Das letzte Gericht" - Final Pictures

What-If 1947 Diorama. "Das letzte Gericht"

After 8 month and a few hundred hours of work I´m now finally able to present the finished pictures to you. Many of you were probably following the progress so far and some were even supporting me. I would like to thank you first for taking part!

The diorama features a custom-made E-100 which is a combination of the old Dragon 1:35 hull and the newer Trumpeter turret. The assembled vehicle was modified with a lot of additional parts. 
The diorama is fully made from scratch; It shows a half destroyed factory in Kassel 1947. There is of course no reference available and everything was assumed and made up. 

Meanwhile it was features in quite a few magazines (Art of Modelling, Model Time, Hobbyworld, Scale Military Modeller International, Polish Super Model and so on)  and I hope you like it to 

Thanks for looking!


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