Montag, 27. August 2012

Ein Sturm zieht auf - Final pictures

Finaly my third diorama is finished. It took me around 200 hours worktime - i hope it was worth it ;-)

Its called "Ein Sturm zieht auf" (A Storm is comming up) and its featuring a Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger and a BM-13 Katyusha located in a fictiv Germania (before known as Berlin) somewhere in 1947.
For me its not important to get every decal and detail 100% right - its just for my glass-cabinet in my workingroom ;-)

Here are the used parts:

-AFV-Club 38cm Sturmmörser Tiger
-AFV-Club Tiger Tracks
-Eduard Ätzteilsatz für AFV-Club Sturmtiger
-Eduard Zimmerit-Ätzteilsatz für Revell-Sturmtiger
-Italeri Katiusza Stalin Orgel
-Miniart Polish City Building
-Dragon German Volkssturm (1 Figur)
-Dragon Hunting the Partisan (3 Figures)
-Dragon Red Army Scouts & Sniper
-Zvezda Volkssturm Berlin 1945
-Tamiya Barricade
-some free examples from Juweela
-one 38cm Sturmtiger-Rocket provided for free by Tobias Bayer

The Base is made of Styrodur, Wood, Plaster, plastic-sheets and with a lot of time.
Its completly colored with Revell-Aqua-Color, some Oil-paints, AK-products and Art-Pigments with Airbrush/Brush/Sponge.

I hope you like it and i am always thankful for feedback and coments.

Keep on looking here - i will post my old Dioramas and also my upcomming projects with step-by-step pictures.

So long
Michael Mandau

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