Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Marching East - WIP Part 1

Yesterday i startet with my new projekt.
Mylast Diorama is finished and i got some free days to get new ideas.
The next projekt will be a countryside street with marching german soldiers to the east-front.

I thought about using some german Landsers marching together with a Stug IIIb and a Gulaschkanone (mobile kitchen) along a street - and on the side a knocked out soviet T-70 tank.
I thought about something like that (buw not so crowded)

At the same time, i used my empty worktable to clean everything a little up and build me a little photo-booth. I know, its not perfect, but it will be enough for the beginning.

I decided to use following kits, a Dragon (Cyberhobby) Stug IIIb, some Dragon Figures (note: there is also a second marching group inclued by the stug), some Verlinden-stuff, a old Tamiya Gulaschkanone and a Toga T-70. I always wanted to build this cheapy creapy thing - i will see what its like. Maybe iam gonna replace, if i dont get it to work). The Time-setting will be around July/August 1942.

I just startet the TOGA T-70 yesterday - here are the first pictures:

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