Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Idylle im Grünen - Final pictures

This was my first Diorama, built in Feb.2012. I took me around 3 Months of Building.

Its called "Idylle im Grünen" (Idyll in the green).

Its a "Sturer Emil" from Trumpeter, a BMW R12 from Zvezda (including the 2 figures around the bike) and the tank-member is from a Dragon-Kit. Its complety build OOTB.

First of all - its absoluty not about historical-correctness. Its just an eye-catcher for my glass cabinet.

The vehicles are paintet with Revell-Aqua-Color, adding some Email-washes, some Filtering, mapping, chipping with Acrylics and the Mud is artistical-pigments mixed with plaster and glue.

The Base is build of styrene, Molto Wood-Putty, a used Märklin Scale 1 track and a lot of natural-products (like rootage for the trees, Stones, grasses & flowers) The Grass is made of hemp.

But dont forget, there are just my old Dioramas, that iam presenting right now - the upcomming posts will not be this fast ;-)

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