Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Flüssiges Gold - Final pictures

This is my second attempt on build a Diorama. This time orientated in the desert of Libya in 1943 - called "Flüssiges Gold" (liquid gold)

The PzIII is the old Dragon-Model, build completly out of the Box. Its colored with revell-Aqua-Color and finished with different wheathering-techniques.
The same for the Sdkfz251 - but its an old Revell-Modell.
The Generator-trailer is 70% scratch - only the Tires and the outer frame is from an old Quad-20mm Gun from Tamiya.

The Base is all made by myself. The Ground is a mix of Plaster and fine sand. The palm trees are made of sticks, wrapped with wire, tissue and Glue. The leaves are cut out of paper, glued with a wire and painted in different green colors.

The Figure are from Tristar & Dragon.

I hope you like it. Remember: This i just to present my old dioramas, the upcomming posts will not be this fast ;). It normaly took me 2-4 Months to build a Diorama. But stay tuned for further step-by-step updates.

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